Monday, January 19, 2009


Usage: ./ -f cmdfile -l username -c cmd -n nodesfile -v -r
execut cmd on remote hosts (all hosts in ./hosts.txt by default)
-v verbose
-r recording hosts on which mission succeeded and failed
-l username
-c cmd to be executed remotely
-n file containing the nodes
-f file conaining the cmd
-h show the usage

使用前可能要根据情况修改prompt变量的定义. 这个变量是关于登录后提示符的正则表达.我根据我自己的几台机器随便写了两个.未必符合你的情况.
import sys
import os
import getopt
import pexpect
import re
    from ansi_color import *
except ImportError:
    def color_str(s, *args):
        return s
    fg_green = None
    fg_red = None
    fg_blue = None

prompt = "^.*\(.*\):|\[.*@.*\]|\$"
nl = open("/dev/null", "w")
def _print(s):
    if not single_mode:
        print s    

def do(cmds, hostname, username):
    global verbose, quiet, good_hosts
    #print "executing \"%s\""%(repr(cmds))
    ret = 0
        sshcmd = 'ssh %s'%(hostname)
        if username != None:
            sshcmd = sshcmd + " -l %s"%username
        s = pexpect.spawn(command=sshcmd, timeout=20)
        if verbose:
            s.logfile_read = sys.stdout
            s.logfile_read = s.logfile_send = nl 
        t = 0
        while t < 3:
            i = s.expect([prompt, pexpect.EOF, pexpect.TIMEOUT,\
                          "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?",\
            t += 1
            if i == 0:
            elif i == 1:
                _print("End Of File")
                return 1
            elif i == 2:
                _print("time out")
                return 1
            elif i == 3:
            elif i == 4:
        if t >= 3:
            return 1
        if cmds:
            for cmd in cmds:        
            _print("\nEntering interactive mode, please ^] to escape")
        return 0
    except pexpect.ExceptionPexpect:
        return 1

def print_usage():
    print "Usage:\t ./ -f cmdfile -l username -c cmd -n nodesfile -v -r"
    print "execut cmd on remote hosts (all hosts in ./hosts.txt by default)"
    print "\t-v verbose"
    print "\t-r recording hosts on which mission succeeded and failed"
    print "\t-l username"
    print "\t-c cmd to be executed remotely"
    print "\t-n file containing the nodes"
    print "\t-f file conaining the cmd"
    print "\t-h show the usage"
    print "\t-p password"

if __name__ == "__main__":
        opts, args=getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], \
            "l:f:n:c:p:vhrq",["login_name", "cmdfile","nodesfile","command","password","verbose","help","recording","quiet"])
    except getopt.GetoptError, err:
        print str(err)
    if opts == [] and args == []:
    if args:
        hosts = [args[0]]
        hosts = []

    cmds = []
    verbose = False
    quiet = False
    username = None
    recording = False
    password = ""
    single_mode = True
    for o, ra in opts:
        a = ra.strip("\n")
        if o in ("-h", "--help"):
        elif o in ("-n", "--nodesfile"):
            hosts = [l.strip(" \t\n") for l in open(a, 'r')]
            single_mode = False
        elif o in ("-c", "--command"):
            cmds = [a]
        elif o in ("-f", "--cmdfile"):
            cmds = [cmd.strip(' \n') for cmd in open(a, 'r')]
        elif o in ("-v",  "--verbose"):
            verbose = True
        elif o in ("-q", "--quiet"):
            quiet = True
        elif o in ("-r", "--recording"):
            recording = True
        elif o in ("-l", "--login_name"):
            username = a
        elif o in ("-p", "--password"):
            password = a

    if not hosts:
        _print("using default ./hosts.txt")
        h = open(os.path.join(os.path.expanduser("."), "hosts.txt"),'r')
        hosts = [dst.strip(' \n') for dst in h]
    if recording:
        f_good = open("good_hosts.txt","w")
        f_bad = open("bad_hosts.txt","w")

    good_hosts =[] 
    bad_hosts =[]
    for (i, hostname) in enumerate(hosts):
        _print ("%d/%d: ["%(i+1, len(hosts))+ color_str(hostname, fg_blue)+"]")
        ret = do(cmds, hostname, username)
        if verbose:
        if ret == 1:
            _print("["+color_str("Fail!", fg_red)+"]")
            if recording:
                print>>f_bad, hostname
            _print ("["+color_str("OK!", fg_green)+"]")
            if recording:
                print>>f_good, hostname

    _print ("%d hosts suceed!"%len(good_hosts))


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